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Looking for your next home to purchase or rent, need an agent?
Buying A Home
Selling A Home
Buying A Home


Buying a home with our agents has never been easier, thanks to the use of modern technology and the in-house computer software used at SGE Realty.

SGE Realty can locate every home, matching your desired criteria in just seconds and keep you updated every time a new home you might be interested in enters the market. This saves you a great deal of time searching and checking for daily updates. The system will email you every time there is a new suggestion automatically.


Before the home searching wheels are fully in motion, SGE Realty kindly asks each individual client to meet with a mortgage advisor to find out how much you can afford to pay for a home. This is a great way to know your exact budget before you start.


Pre-Approval is the first stage in knowing your exact maximum budget based upon your status, of course not everyone purchases the most expensive property they can afford, but it does prevent you from being disappointed if you were to select a home out of your price range, it also lets sellers and agents know you are serious about finding a home.

Get started:

An effective way to start your search once you are pre-approved is to write out a list stating the criteria of your desired home, the best way to start is by listing the basics such as how many bedrooms, bathrooms, the area you would like to buy in and the size of the property. You also might like to include other features you desire such as a pool, jacuzzi, wooden floors and marble bathrooms. Whatever you desire… make sure to list it and let our agents know.

When you receive a suggestion you like, simply let an agent at SGE Realty know you would like to view a particular property in person and this will be organized at the earliest convenience.

An agent can then meet you at the property or in some special cases can collect you and drive you to the desired home. You will then be given a thorough showing of the home and any questions you have on the property will be answered in detail.

This procedure is then repeated until the agent has successfully found you your dream home.

Once the dream home is located, an agent at SGE Realty will submit your offer on the home to the seller and begin to negotiate on your behalf. As soon as a price is agreed upon by both parties, SGE Realty will handle all of the contract procedures for you and explain anything you may not already understand. Your deposit will go into escrow (A third party) and various inspections will be made on the property to guarantee you are buying a safe and secure investment with no faults or potential problems.

After this process takes place, signed contracts exchange, final payments are made and keys are transferred to yourself, the new home owner.

Selling A Home


Selling a home consists of a lot more than simply putting up a “For Sale” sign…

It is the duty of SGE Realty to know your property inside-out and to become familiar with facts and details such as property taxes, zoning, square footage, lot size, and terms of your existing loan.

SGE Realty researches the current market and property laws to be fully aware of how much similar homes in the same area are on the market for. The agents at SGE Realty also have a great understanding of the property disclosure laws needed to be taken into consideration along with the terms of sales.

As soon as the specifics regarding your home are taken fully into account, SGE Realty strategically compares your home to other similar properties selling in your neighborhood before suggesting a realistic price for you to place on your property.

The next step is the “walk through” a dedicated agent will take a detailed look at the property, both inside and out through the eyes of a buyer or home inspector. There may be items that need repairing or replacing or in some cases items that are simply better off being removed. An attractive home that is impeccably maintained is precisely what is required in assisting you in receiving the full asking price on your property.

During the walk through an agent will consider the following:

The interior paint and finishes to make sure they are in superb condition and recently updated. An agent may suggest ideas and ways to make your home more marketable such as color changes and new accessories, this is usually one of the most cost effective ways to make your home stand out against the crowd.
The flooring; it is important to make sure the wooden floors, carpets and tiles are in great condition, this can sometimes be as easy as a thorough clean and polish or simply replacing a few tiles.
The appliances; checking they are in working order. Modern appliances are a plus.
Plumbing and electrical systems should be fully functional too.
Light fixtures, good lighting and making sure all bulbs are fitted and in working order.
Sealants surrounding the bath, shower, sinks and windows.
SGE Realty pays fine attention to the outside of your property.
First impressions are everything.
SGE Realty suggests strategic ideas and solutions to increase the curb appeal of your home. This may mean a fresh coat of paint, a change of color or simply removing a hedge or fixing a gate.
The lawn and landscape should be precise and immaculate.
Unnecessary items, such as bird houses, statues, toys, garden signs are often better off in storage, this can help to show the gardens full size and potential.
A strong high-end front door makes every home look and feel more secure
A clear and tidy inviting entrance free of leaves and dirt is highly recommended.
Sparkly windows and window frames are a pleasure to the eye.
The roofing and gutters are stable and secured correctly, in fully functional order
Balconies should also be cleared of any clutter and thoroughly cleaned.
An agent will keep detailed descriptive notes of everything that requires repair or replacement during the inspection along with any changes that may be considered advantageous.

SGE Realty endeavor to deliver an excellent service at all times.

The initial property walk through is just the beginning, SGE Realty offers a variety of additional touches that will impress potential buyers and immediately make them feel welcome and at home on entry. We believe excellence is found in the details.

SGE Realty makes it their duty to know your neighborhood.

An agent will conduct a thorough study of your surrounding area consisting of schools, transportation, shopping centers, new improvements, future developments, restaurants, bars and anything else that may be sought after by potential buyers.

The fun part…

Once the initial homework is complete and SGE Realty knows your home as if it were their own, it’s time to sell your property.

SGE Realty invests in “For Sale” signs, fact sheets and advertising costs, granting you peace of mind knowing your property is out on the market gaining full exposure to thousands of potential buyers. SGE Realty holds regular open house dates for you and alert large databases of potential buyers regarding the sale of your property.

SGE Realty creates detailed and descriptive text to advertise your home in its best light, along with providing professional photographers to capture your property just right. The professional creative team at SGE Realty specialize solely in real estate and operate the finest and most modern camera equipment to date.

The agents at SGE Realty welcome and entertain guests at open house dates offering refreshing beverages and tasty treats whilst selling the benefits of a wonderful home such as yours, listing the features and benefits in great detail.

An agent will register every attendee’s contact information and will follow up with every attendee regardless of their level of interest shown… SGE Realty leaves no stone unturned.

SGE Realty discusses offers and negotiates on your behalf allowing you the freedom and flexibility to live your life hassle free enjoying what you love to do most whatever it maybe, knowing your state of affairs are in professional, reliable hands. An agent will keep you fully up to date at every stage of the transaction, paperwork and contracts will be carefully explained throughout.


Let me start off by saying I hate the moving process, but SGE Realty made it so easy and graceful. Not only are they super friendly but took into consideration all the small details that were important to me when finding a home. I truly had a great experience with SGE Realty.
Wow, this girl is a beast! She knows her stuff and takes care of everything! This was the easiest time I ever had finding a new home. Stephanie at SGE Realty found the perfect home I was looking for in my price range and got me in the door before any other applicants. Her people skills are fantastic, she’s professional, punctual, and so stylish! She even took care of the ugly process of leaving my last house, and dealt with the horrible landlords for me. She went above and beyond. She was a Goddess and I couldn’t have done it without her. I recommend SGE Realty every time!
I had a great experience with Stephanie from SGE Realty; she helped me find a perfect home for my family. She’s knowledgeable, professional and made the apartment hunt easy. I will definitely seek Stephanie out when we are ready to buy a home.
SGE Realty are trustworthy and professional; their skills and integrity played a major role in the purchasing of my new house. SGE Realty were extremely helpful in negotiating the price down and just being there for me throughout the whole process. I’m very thankful to have had SGE Realty as my agency.
SGE Realty took our vacation from a 2 to a 10. They were able to get a sense of our needs and style, and found us a property that was 10 times better than what we were looking for. Thank you for accommodating our every request! We will absolutely recommend SGE Realty to all of our friends. Can’t wait to see what SGE Realty finds us for our next vacation rental.
SGE Realty was excellent! They were very quick and responsive with listings that matched our needs and wants and they over-extended themselves to accommodate our schedules in order to view different locations. We were on such a short time frame in which we had to move, and due to SGE Realty’s knowledge of the area and listing that were on the market they were able to find places for us to move into immediately. I would recommend SGE Realty to anyone, they are very responsive, professional, and friendly.
SGE Realty was really helpful in the sale of our house, they did lots of open houses and showings. We had a first offer at listing price, but the couple needed to sell their home and they couldn’t sell within the time frame we had defined. SGE Realty was helpful in securing backup offers.
I was on a hunt for a fantastic, modern looking house with a big pool and a nice patio for my BBQ. SGE Realty was extremely knowledgeable of the local area I was searching for and they were able to find me a house that well exceeded my expectations! My wife and I were very happy with Stephanie from SGE Realty. She had a fantastic attitude, and was able to take us all around and show us a very good number of houses and options to choose from. I recently recommended my friend who is moving from Canada to contact Stephanie, I would highly recommend Stephanie to anyone.
Working with SGE Realty made what would normally be a stressful experience, an absolute joy. Their professionalism, expertise, and thoughtful approach concerning all participating parties was quite admirable. They came highly recommended by an associate, and I fully intend on referring SGE Realty to anyone considering purchasing a home in the future.
My experience with SGE Realty was absolutely amazing! Their work ethic and knowledge of properties were phenomenal. They worked diligently to make sure I was pleased with the property I chose and their process was professional and easy. I would highly recommend SGE Realty.
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