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Buying a home with our agents has never been easier, thanks to the use of modern technology and the in-house computer software used at SGE Realty.

SGE Realty can locate every home, matching your desired criteria in just seconds and keep you updated every time a new home you might be interested in enters the market. This saves you a great deal of time searching and checking for daily updates. The system will email you every time there is a new suggestion automatically.


Before the home searching wheels are fully in motion, SGE Realty kindly asks each individual client to meet with a mortgage advisor to find out how much you can afford to pay for a home. This is a great way to know your exact budget before you start.


Pre-Approval is the first stage in knowing your exact maximum budget based upon your status, of course not everyone purchases the most expensive property they can afford, but it does prevent you from being disappointed if you were to select a home out of your price range, it also lets sellers and agents know you are serious about finding a home.

Get started:

An effective way to start your search once you are pre-approved is to write out a list stating the criteria of your desired home, the best way to start is by listing the basics such as how many bedrooms, bathrooms, the area you would like to buy in and the size of the property. You also might like to include other features you desire such as a pool, jacuzzi, wooden floors and marble bathrooms. Whatever you desire… make sure to list it and let our agents know.

When you receive a suggestion you like, simply let an agent at SGE Realty know you would like to view a particular property in person and this will be organized at the earliest convenience.

An agent can then meet you at the property or in some special cases can collect you and drive you to the desired home. You will then be given a thorough showing of the home and any questions you have on the property will be answered in detail.

This procedure is then repeated until the agent has successfully found you your dream home.

Once the dream home is located, an agent at SGE Realty will submit your offer on the home to the seller and begin to negotiate on your behalf. As soon as a price is agreed upon by both parties, SGE Realty will handle all of the contract procedures for you and explain anything you may not already understand. Your deposit will go into escrow (A third party) and various inspections will be made on the property to guarantee you are buying a safe and secure investment with no faults or potential problems.

After this process takes place, signed contracts exchange, final payments are made and keys are transferred to yourself, the new home owner.


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